Maternity care

Maternity care

All pregnant women in Norway are entitled to maternity care from a midwife at a Child Health Centre (in Norwegian: “helsestasjon") or from their General Practitioner. The consultations are free of charge.

There are usually eight antenatal appointments including one ultrasound screening during pregnancy. The consultations are free of charge, and pregnant employees have the right to paid time off work for antenatal appointments.

Health care personnel will provide advice and support to ensure the health and wellbeing of you and your baby.

When you see your midwife or GP she/he will give both you and your baby a health check, and give you useful information to help with your health and wellbeing. You will also get answers to any questions you have. You can usually invite your partner to accompany you if you wish.

As soon as a reliable test has confirmed that you are pregnant, contact your local Child Health Centre to book an appointment with a midwife, or contact your regular GP. They will give you essential information from the very start of your pregnancy.

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