Refugees and asylum seekers

You are entitled to a health examination once within the first two weeks of your stay in Norway. This health service is free of charge, voluntary, and provided to you by the municipality where you are living. Your municipality will send you a letter confirming your appointment soon after you arrive.

The health examination is usually conducted by a Public Health Nurse or a General Practitioner (GP) or both.

You are entitled to a qualified interpreter which will be provided free of charge.

All healthcare professionals keep patient information confidential. This means that the information you give in a consultation will not be passed on to others unless you specifically give your consent.

You will also be offered vaccines to complement the ones you allready have recieved in your country of origin, in order to bring your immunisation up to national standards. What vaccines you will be offered depends on your previous vaccinations and your age.

Refugees and asylum seekers

What happens during a health examination?
  • We talk to you about your health
  • You will be offered a free, general health examination with a GP
  • We refer you to a specialist if needed
  • We inform you about the healthcare system in Norway
  • If you have not been tested for tuberculosis, you will be scheduled for this test at Volda hospital. This test is mandatory.
What should you bring to the health examination?
  • Any medicines you are taking
  • Tuberculosis and vaccination cards
  • ID