Youth Health Centres (up to 20 years)

Youth Health Centres (up to 20 years)

The Youth Health Centres are a free multidisciplinary service for young people. The service may comprise a school nurse, doctor and psychologist, and is available in the afternoons.

They provide guidance concerning:

  • Mental and social problems
  • Growing up in two cultures
  • Falling in love/love
  • Pregnancy
  • Contraception
  • Morning-after pills/Abortion
  • Sexually transmitted infections (testing and treatment)
  • Eating disorders
  • Drugs and alcohol (excessive alcohol consumption, taking cannabis or other drugs)
  • Problems at home
  • Any other things you may have on your mind

All of our municipalities have Youth Health Centres open 1-2 days per week. This is a drop-in service, and booking an appointment is not necessary. Services may be closed during school holidays. For details about opening hours, please click on the logo of your municipality in the bottom of every page (information in Norwegian only) or contact your municipal Health Centre.


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